Thursday, 26 January 2012

Burns Nicht

Fair fa' your honest sonsie face,
Great chieftain o' the (vegetarian) puddin'-race!

24th January- My birthday
25th January- Robert Burns's birthday

If I had been born a day later, what do you think I would've been called?

That's right.  Barrie.

Some people pour scorn on vegetarian haggis.  Normally the same people who would think nothing of setting a trap, catching, plucking and skinning a poor, defenceless, three-legged haggis as it ran roon' and roon' the hillside.  I can assure you, no haggis was harmed for the purpose of my photos.

Veggie Haggis, neeps and tatties- all Scottish.  And all supremely tasty.
(If you're wary of haggis, get over it.  It's awful good)

An M n M for a' that....

My apologies to all Burns experts for the dreadful cookie-based pun.

Used the America's Test Kitchen recipe after seeing it on the tellybox yesterday.  I am such a sucka for a 'This is the best cookie I've ever tasted' claim.  Oh yeah?  I'LL be the judge of THAT.  The best cookie claim goes before a tough crowd tomorrow though - Mini Egg and her chums are off on an  adventure to Arty Types and these are the just-missed-the-train distraction.  Nothing worse than a small person biting into your lovingly crafted home baking......and then gobbing it out all over the pavement/sofa/themselves.  She did exactly that today with a wee bit of cookie and declared 'I don't like chocolate'. Then promptly picked it all up the spat-out debris and ate it, going 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'. And according to her, I'm the one malfunctioning.

Potty training has pretty much broken me.  A week of failed attempts by me to convince Flora that the potty is a fun place to sit has left me a shattered woman.  I don't think either of us have ever been so miserable.  One last gimicky product to try and then we call it a day. Until she turns ten or so.  

The Amazon fairy arrived a little late but hurrah, I have two new crochet books, Beyond the Square and 75 birds, butterflies etc. Both are full of things I immediately want to make (despite pending Egg on Stick deadlines) but, hey, it's (not quite) my birthday, so I'm taking the day off.  Where to start......?

And lastly, a different Neep.....

Nighty nighty

Luv Egg on a Stick x


  1. I love that Neep, my son wants one, he is six but devoted to Abney & Teal! Saw your bears in Annie & Belle Cafe today, very nice.x

  2. How kind! I am very jealous of your visit to Annie & Belle Cafe, I am too far away from their super-tasty gingerbread! x