Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Scottish springtime...already?

It's been very mild in Scotland this winter, well along the Clyde it has.  Chasing the chickens round the garden today, I noticed that there are wee signs of life, brave little shoots fighting against the wind, falling roof tiles and ravenous chooks.  Nice to see though.

Except the daffodils.

Pesky daffodils

Despite my best efforts over the last eight years, I have been unable to rid the garden of daffs.  Lover Boy loves them, Flo loves them and I...well, I am ambivalent.  They are, without doubt, a lovely sight in the springtime, especially in the great swathes that the Cooncil tends on our highways and byways (NB it is not unheard of for every daffodil to be decapitated the day before Mothering Sunday).  I just find them a bit dull, that's all, so I  pull them up.  In my own garden only, of course.  I'm not that mean!

Ravaged primrose
Solitary snowdrop
Absolutely.  NO.  Idea,

Lucky lupins
I have tried my hardest to disguise the lupins as a pile of uninteresting, not-so-tasty sticks.  The chickens are on those plants like seagulls on chips and any greenery is stripped within seconds of spotting them.  I really miss my lupins though.  They are just sooooooo so pretty in the summer.  *note to self, suggest to Cooncil that lupins are a more attractive alternative to daffs.

Flo painting lupins
Apart from stumbling around the garden, today was a day for playgroup, lunch with pals at Mozzers and Time to Rhyme in the afternoon, which was absolute mayhem!  Thirty-odd mums (slightly different from thirty odd mums) with their weans; all the little ones sitting beautifully, all the bigger little ones trying to maim each other, rip EVERY book from the shelves and, in my child's case, give everyone 'falling down cuddles', meant a noisy group.  Good fun and an absolutely shattered child.  Result.

Currently knitting a teacosy for my friend.  Beautiful cherry red New Lanark aran mistake rib and a fabulous pom-pom on the top.  I love the colour and would dearly love to keep the cosy but needs must....

Then on to next project- a draught excluder for a draughty house.  A chum has just moved into a total wreck fantastic doer-upper round the corner and it's a wee bit chilly in the evening, so she's commissioned (check me!) a couple of draught excluders, simple design, very muted stripes.  Nice easy knitting and perfect for weekend.

Nice huh? They've taken on a lot with this house and being cold never cheers anyone up.  The effort will be worth it though, it's a cracking wee place. And a little bit of woolliness never goes amiss.

 And, as I've just been reminded, it won't knit itself!  Better get a wriggle on.

Laters x

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