Saturday, 4 February 2012

busy, busy, busy.....and relax!

It's been a busy week Chez Egg. Lots of fun times for the Mini-egg- singing, playgroup, clay hedgehogs, babies to poke and all topped off with a visit to the Great Eggs in Edinburgh.  Man, my child loves her East Coast family!

It's been a mad rush to get it all finished but it's done and I now have the luxury of a wee week off from productive hooking.  Which is lovely.  Except I've got a million ideas......

Flora took a shine to the bunting and decided to decorate with it.

As with almost everything she does, my heart is in my mouth.  You try telling her that bunting (along with dressing gown cords, telephone cables and wool) isn't a necklace and MUSN'T GO ROUND YOUR NECK EVER!!!

'But it looks so beautiful, Mummy.  You wear it.'

Cue mild peril and throttling.

Off for a lie down

Luv Egg on a Stick


  1. Hey..I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Your projects look fantastic! Can't wait to read more ...