Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pincushions. More convenient than a new lung.

Been awful busy* of late.  Sis's twins will be one year old on Saturday and, after witnessing the triumph that is the Flora bag, she requested a bag each for Eve and Rebecca.  So I've been sewing.  A lot.  And it reminded me of this article that I read a wee while back in the Guardian, about a lady who swallowed a pin.  I am terrible for putting pins in my mouth whilst I decide what to do with them.  No more.  No way.  Never.

Egg on a Stick, sewing

'Snot me.  My moustache is a lot less....erm....jaggy?

Read the article and then go, get some spare material and make a pin cushion.


Luv, Egg on a Stick

*I nearly always mistype busy as busty.  I've always been busty.  Not always busy.  Difference. 

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