Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Final Make Do and Mend project...sniff

It had to happen.  It was inevitable.  The last of the Make Do and Mend classes at the library.  And my most successful one yet, I think, although I must come clean, the hand sewing was all done at home over several  laborious, finger-pricking, inventive-swearing nights.  I ain't that fast a learner.

Flora starts Nursery this week. I'm OK about it, thanks for asking.  She's only been at home with me (or I've been at home with her?) for her entire life.  Reassuringly she's really looking forward to it, the Nursery she's going to is ace, she's not going full-time (thank goodness)- it's all good.  And I get a whole 2 hours to crochet....make bags..... sleep..... try and restore order to Casa Egg, the great midden.  So the bag is for her to store her comprehensive list of exciting Nursery requirements (new red wellies are particularly exciting for a 3(7) year old Paddington Bear fan).

Oh, apologies for photos being a bit, well a bit crap.  Have requested More Time and Uninterrupted Typing for my Christmas (along with this, these and this.  I am such a closet 13 year old girl).

Applique, Sewing, Tote, Bag, Egg on a Stick

(See that box of crochet threads?  I got them in a charity shop ages ago and I have no idea what to do with them.  So I left it on my radiator.  Will move it in the winter, on the off chance my husband feels generous and the heating goes on; one wouldn't want the Lifestyle Fragrance of Eau de Foostay Croshay Thread to fill the house)

Sewing, Applique, Tote, Bag, Egg on a Stick

The idea is to add the important dates as they come up: primary school, secondary school, University, prison etc.  I don't expect her to use it for school but it would be nice if it was still hanging around by then and not mouldering in a heap under her bed.

Rabbit being eaten by an F.  You don't see that every day.

Already cut out the bits for my next bag and have a request to make two more for my sister's twins.  Hooked!


Luv Egg on a Stick x

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