Sunday, 14 October 2012

October Schmoctober

This week, I was awfully excited to receive an email from a nice lady who worked for a company I had never heard of, telling me I had won a competition via The Making Spot.  Problem was, she didn't tell me what I'd won and I had no idea.  S'not really a problem though, is it?  It's just a pleasant surprise when it arrives......and arrive it did, in a great big box! 

Egg on a Stick, Flora

Patience is not a known virtue in this house.  Neither is the skill of being able to see through cardboard but it didn't stop her trying for twenty minutes.  I could've opened it a lot sooner but watching her trying to get various sunglasses to work as X-ray specs was just too good a spectacle *snort* to miss.

Back to the prize, ta-dah!

Egg on a Stick, Sissix, Flora

I'd won a Big Shot Sissix with two dies, a puppy and a tree!  How exciting! We'd used one of these during out Make Do and Mend sessions in the library and I loved the clean lines I got on wee footery shapes.  Also remarkably small child friendly; she loves turning the handle, there's no obvious sharp edges and, as long as I keep an eye on her juuuuuust to make sure she doesn't Tom n Jerry her fingers through the roller, she'd happily cut out puppies and trees from newspaper/coloured paper/important car-related documents all day.  Cue a living room that looked a little like a Moonie Dog training class.

I am yet to think what I'm actually going to do with it but it'll come in handy one day, I'm sure.  I can see it being very useful if you were a quilter because you can buy a die that cuts perfect squares.  I can't cut a straight line to save myself so if I was interesting in quilting, which I'm not, it would be a godsend.

Other things I have being doing include.....

-Painting my nails, like, totally all the time.  Obsessed.
-Making lentil soup.  This recipe in particular.  It's a great recipe- chuck in spinach for added goodness.
-Went ice skating and I sucked at it, which surprised me, given my roller skating skillz :-P
-Started making Christmas cakes

Cannae beat a Delia Smith Christmas cake. Made one last year and it was pronounced Flora's favourite cake ever.  Granted, she has tried a LOT of cakes since but she's pretty excited about these ones too.  Except she no longer likes raisins.....or currants.....or sultanas.  Now brandy, that's a different story.

And I went to give blood.  There had been an urgent call for donations and I was in town and fancied a biscuit.  Took myself off to the Blood Donation Centre in Glasgow and joined a very ad-hoc queuing system, chock-full of other right-minded individuals. So, when it was maybe my turn, a cheerless/harassed receptionist took my name, couldn't spell it (forgiveable) and then told me I didn't exist.  Turns out you can't give blood if you don't exist.  Receptionist had to phone 'someone' who could fix my non-existence and I would need to "sit over there."

     "There's no seat."

"Well, just sit over there and I'll bring you one."

Already this has taken ten minutes longer than everyone else before me and the giganta-queue is getting restless.  And nosey. 

Blood donor nurse comes over, "Claire?  Can you come with me?  If you could just come over to this cubicle.  We need to talk to you about something.  It's not a donation, it's about something on your form.  Follow me" 

I followed her.  And so did forty pairs of eyes.  Beamer.

"Sorry about that.  People get a bit narked when they think you are skipping the queue."

   "Really?  You do realise that they all think I've got some terrible disease or I've had SEX WITH HUNDREDS OF GAY MEN IN AFRICA?!" 

Imagine an unexpected and odd silence.  Imagine it happening just as I, in frazzled-talk-too-loud mode, say the last part of my sentence.  Imagine forty heads swivelling, the sound of clipboards dropping, loud coughing fits and choking, flocks of birds taking to the skies, music coming to a scratchy and abrupt end etc etc .  My interviewing nurse nearly died laughing.  I nearly died of embarrassment.

Once she unfolded me from my foetal position, she took three attempts- two pin pricks, one blood sample- to determine that I had enough iron in my blood to give blood and gleefully announced, "I knew we'd get you in the end!", then I was allowed to donate.  I existed, I was full of iron and an absolute wreck.

It wasn't all bad.  Got one of these out of it.

Egg on a Stick, Tunnocks

Blanket update.......blanket update.......blanket..oh, for goodness' sake, I've done nothing.  Will rectify next week.  Maybe.


Luv Egg on a Stick x

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