Monday, 28 May 2012

Reluctant Jubilee participation....

Soooooooo the Jubilee.  Hmmm.  Not such a big deal North of the Border, West of the Scotland.  I can see a Union flag from my window but it is very small and timid.  No bunting, no funny hats, no street parties that I'm aware of and very little red, white and blue hoopla.  Not that we're not thankful for the bank holidays....

Bucking the trend, however, Flora's playgroup are having their own wee themed Jubilee day. Last week she super-excitedly told me that she was to dress up for next playgroup, something royal.  Despite my best efforts, she eschewed my plans for a Junior Anarchist costume and requested a princess outfit instead.  The P word is normally outlawed in this house, or greeted with cries of 'YUK!' but she was insistent. And apparently a princess outfit is a pretty dress and a yellow crown.  I'm on it.  Eventually.

Following a rummage through Ravelry for inspiration (and occasional horrified gasp), I came up with this:

I used Rico Cotton Aran in Banana, a 4.5 hook and winged it a bit with the sizing.  Flora's heid is 21" in circumference (she has a mahoosive head for such a small person!) and I made the foundation chain about 1.5" shorter at 88 stitches.  Worked out quite well but could have gone a little shorter still, maybe up to another inch?  Judge your own tension and don't worry too much- crowns look better worn placed back on the head but work equally well plonked right on top.

I did my foundation chain then turned, chained one and double crocheted along to the beginning and THEN joined the circle.  I've lost track of the number of times I've joined circles and then, three rows later, found it's turned into the most beautiful, but utterly useless, mobius strip.  By doing an extra row before joining, I find it adds a bit of sturdiness and I'm much less likely to get everything in a twist.

Alternatively, and especially if you are unsure of sizing, crochet left to right, right to left, add in appropriate turning chains and leaving nice long ends which you can use to tie round your victim's loved one's head, more like a tiara.

Crown Pattern (UK terms throughout)
slightly rude drawing of pattern

Ensure, regardless of sizing, your foundation chain is multiple of 8 stitches.

Row 1: Dc along, turn
Row 2: Ch1, (starting 2nd st from hook) dc along.  Sl st to join.
Row 3: *dc x 4, (dc, 7ch, dc), dc x 3* repeat to end
Row 4: *tr, dc, skip 3st, 9dc into arch, skip 3st, dc* repeat to end
Row 5: *dc into 1st tr, ch4, skip 5 st, (dc, 5ch, dc), ch4* repeat to end
Row 6: *dc into 1st dc, 4dc into 4ch space, 3dc into 5ch space, 4 dc into 4 ch space* repeat to end

Some (useful?) close ups

Once it's done, I think a good iron and a spot of spray starch would keep it nice and regal.  Starts to look decidedly unprincess-y when worn immediately and for hours, on one of the hottest days EVER, but it was quite nice to have such a distinguished guest to dinner and who knew that princesses only really require toast for tea (having spent a day at granny's, ingesting nothing but refined sugar and sausages)?

As for the pretty dress, turns out that really just means a clean dress in this house.  I'm sure I can find one of those...somewhere...maybe.  Actually, come to think of it, I'm sure I saw a photo of KMid wearing one of her da's old tshirts, hacked into a passable frock with some sparkles stuck on.  Sure I did.  Prob'ly in Hello or summat.

Regally yours

Luv Egg on a Stick

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  1. Thanks for the pattern, your crown looks great and I have just the little person to make one for :-)